Fresh raw milk delivered direct from our farm to you. 

The unpasteurized raw milk we deliver to you is produced the same day that it is delivered, allowing us to deliver the freshest raw milk that can be bought in today’s marketplace!

We are open ready for delivery’s

Welcome to Northland Raw Milk

Northland Raw Milk is produced on our farm in the Omahuta valley. The farm comprises of 832 acres of which 50% is the dairy platform. The balance of the farm is used for carrying over our dairy replacements and for our stock over winter. We have a mixed herd of predominantly Fresian cows. We are milking 200 cows twice a day through our 38 aside herringbone shed.

We have 32 years experience in dry stock and dairy farming, we are excited to enter into the raw milk industry and to be able to offer a raw, pure and natural healthy product from our farm.

At this stage, Paul will be delivering the milk in our little chiller truck direct from the farm to your door. If you have any questions, please feel free to call


Cameron 027-479-3329 please TXT details

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